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We are a company from Almeria (southern Spain) specialized in online advertising services that provides information about the fruit and vegetable sector, producing companies, products, prices at origin and final prices at destination… from our website. All this information is intended mainly for European companies interested in buying Spanish fruits and vegetables.

From Infovegetables, we offer the main Spanish producing companies an online advertising service with advertising banners on our website. At the same time, Infovegetables receives information directly from these companies about products, prices at origin and destination at the service of our registered website users.

Users can register in our website totally free of charge and have access to this information about final prices at destination for the product/s they wish ensuring that maximum confidentiality and privacy is maintained at all times.

The only requirement established by Spanish cooperatives and producers of fruits and vegetables to provide this information about final prices at destination is to make sure that information is requested by a company, not an individual. However, in no case, personal or corporate information about registered users who request information about prices or products, will be shared with those cooperatives or producers who provide us with the information requested or third parties according to our strict privacy policy.

From Infovegetables, we aim, on the one hand, to promote our Spanish cooperatives and producers of fruits and vegetables all over the world with full transparency from our website, and, on the other hand, to be a point of reference in the fruit and vegetable sector and an important advising tool for our registered users, in order to offer them free information about products, companies and prices which allows them to gain a better understanding of the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, products and cooperatives in an easy, fast and safe way with a significant saving in time and money.

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